Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Here's the rest of the snow pictures.

It snowed non stop from about 10am until about 9pm. It was crazy.

We let McG play Sunday afternoon for about an hour. He came in to change clothes and get warm then he got dressed again and went out and played for another hour or so.

Frosty the (dirty rotten filthy) Snowman!

I have to show this picture of Lilah looking out the window, but check out our blinds. They look like Billy Bob teeth. We really need to replace those! haha

Still snowing at 8pm.

The next day!

School was cancelled (the school board is trying to kill me) and McG was dressed and ready to go outside at about 0730. I made him wait til 0900.

He and his friends were out on our driveway riding in their tobagons.

Lilah was not a bit amused.

I got dressed, picked up Lilah, grabbed the camera and went outside to take some pics. It took me all of 1 1/2 steps to slip on a piece of ice and fall flat on my butt! I went down like a lead, I mean balloon!

3 miracles happened that day.
#1- nobody saw me fall (the neighbors, their parents or McG)
#2- Lilah didn't even know how close we came to death. Not a scratch.
#3- I didn't break anything. (but I swear there's a new crack in the sidewalk)


Nancy Booth said...

How neat. I love your captions. They are too funny. Sounds like at least McGwire had a good time. Is he on the roof on that one photo? What is the child wellfare number? I hope you weren't hurt from that fall. We didn't get a flake in that whole storm.

kayla said...

Ahhh man...everytime I fall someone sees it! Are you totally sore? Poor thing. I love the pics...why do kids think snow is so cool? I hate it. The one of Lilah looking out the window is precious! And I like the one of McG all sprawled out!!

Scott, Melinda, and the boys said...

..."driveway riding in their tobagons."

Kelly, don't you know that here, in the south, Tobagons are those things you wear on your head when going outside in the winter... around here they are mostly "Don't shoot me"- orange... some just call'em "sock hats"... or a knitted sweater hat...

Reverse translation: A southern "Tobagon" (sock hat) is also known as a "Touk" (when I lived in Montana it was a "Touk"... a Tobagon became a sled for the first time in my life... Previously being that thing I was now learning to call a touk)...
Well, this concludes your lesson on Southern dialect and culture. Tomorrow we will be covering the topic of "Greens"... are they Collards, Turnips, Mustards,Dandelion greens or Poke Sally... and which are your favorites?

The BirdHouse said...

scotty, you're funny! I have to admit that I had to check the internet to make sure I was using the word correctly! Tim grew up in Canada and that's what he calls it so I assume her knew what he was talking about. But you know what they say about assuming!! haha