Friday, March 6, 2009

Our "Special" Girl

Lilah went in for her 18m check up and the doc confirmed my concerns of her lack of talking. At her age she should be saying 10-20 words and Lilah says one. Ok sometimes two, since she now is beginning to say "Dada". And maybe 3 if you count "uh-oh" as a word. So, they are sending her to a speech therapist to see if they can perform a little voodoo magic on her.

Also, to help her start talking, the doc told us that it was probably a good idea to start taking away the pacifier.

I am confused and not really sure what she is talking about!?!


kayla said...

Okay girlfriend, just so you know, Jade didn't really talk until she was, I seriously wouldn't be too scared. I was freaked out about it too, but my pediatrician was not at all concerned and sure enough, she was the smartest kid in school!!! I'm sure it will be the same for little Lilah Bell.
I think the Dr's just want that insurance money...hmmmm!

LsuFan said...

Enjoy it while you can the peace and quiet that is pretty sonn she will be talking non stop like her auntie lol

Nancy Booth said...

You are so crazy. You 3 kids lived with a pacifier in one hand and a bottle in the other. Always had something in your mouth but ya'll learned to talk. There's nothing wrong with that perfect little girl.