Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Picture Time

This dress that Lilah is wearing is the reason I prayed for a little girl. I absolutely love playing dress up. I'm paying for it though!! She may look like an angel but she's a little devil, I tell you!!

See??? What'd I tell you??

Here's devil #2. I told him I wanted a picture with him and his tie and so he promptly picked it up and said, "Here it is. Take a picture"!!! Snotwad! haha

Side note: Lilah lost one of her little blue squeaky shoes and we can't find it anywhere!! UGH!! So I got these little white ones and :GASP: she is wearing them before Easter! I hope this doesn't hurt her chances of becoming a debutante.


Bev said...

Tell Lilah that grandma is wearing her white walking shoes before EASTER too. I don't think that seems to be a law anymore.

LsuFan said...

Awww so cute!! And so not a little devil just showing her personality!! Cute shoes too!

Nancy Booth said...

Oh what a pretty dress. And shoes.... and tie but that face on Lilah scares me. She do look mad.

kayla said...

Classic pic of Lilah...I can see her using that same face as a teenager!!! Love the dress...smocking is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

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