Friday, June 11, 2010

The family pond

I thought I would go ahead with our yearly "getting the pool ready" post while the boys are away. Last year we didn't really have a good amount of swim time, unfortunately. The pool didn't stay clear for very long and Tim had no time to put a lot of work to keep things up. I hope things will be different this year because I am ready to swim!! It is soooo hot here lately!
Tim asked McGwire to start cleaning gunk off of the bottom of the pool about a week or ago, so he pulled up a chair and worked really hard!!! Um...yeah, right.

Is that a sweat bead I see on your forhead?? I didn't think so.

Tim got in several times last week to clear everything from the pool bottom that McGwire hadn't removed...which was EVERYTHING!!!

The water went from green to aqua pretty quickly. The water is blue now but still pretty cloudy. I let Lilah get in for a few moments the other day but I won't get in until I can see my feet clearly in the water.

Tim won't be able to work on the water again for another 2 days but we are hoping to be able to swim by the end of next week without having to worry about catching some kind of disease!!


Bev said...

Well it looks alot better than it did in all of last summers pictures. When will he learn to cover it up for the winter???

I wish we had one here at the moment. the heat is terrible and the humidity it like being in GA.

LsuFan said...

I am so glad our pool is cleaned by the condo people :) But alas this weekend it was WAY to cold to swim in it but was great for the hot tub!!

Nancy Booth said...

It's so hot here I would have gone in while McG was cleaning it. The humidity is awful. Not usual for this part. You should go in it. If the kids and Tim doesn't catch a disease then you probably won't.

kayla said...

Man, I'm so jealous! I'm so hot, I would even get in that green water! Enjoy and think of us when you are cooling off!

gayleen said...