Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last of the scout pictures

Are you getting tired of scout posts yet??
I am.
But this is our family story (or history, I guess) so everyone needs to relax and enjoy!
Again, I have no idea what's going on in some of these pictures but I do know that McGwire is about to toast a marshmallow in this one.

...and he's asleep in this one!

In this picture he is with his troop (see, I know what's going on)

Someone's giving him rabbit ears in this picture.

Eating lunch here.

Contemplating life's mysteries.

Thinking about how much he misses his mommy.

Goofing off with his bunk mates.

Carving his arrowhead (it broke, by the way)

Here he is with the round basket tht he weaved. The square one isn't finished yet (which means that, yes, this one is finished).

Apparently this was about the time that everyone started stinking. It seems to have gotten so bad that McG had to plug his nose. I swear to you that our car still smells like armpits and butt after carting the scouts and gear around last weekend!

A boy and his ax.

Ready to come home!

The END!


kayla said...

Good times and good memories McG! I loved camp as a kid and I'm sure you'll look forward to scout camp every year now...great pics..I especially like the bum pic...ha ha!

Nancy Booth said...

Poor baby. He looks like he misses his mom in nearly all these pics except the last one. We're so proud of him and all he's learning. Thanks to his dad too.