Tuesday, June 29, 2010

giant roach

We have a cockroach problem!!!

There, I said it. My husband works for a pest control company and yet we have been overrun by Big, HUGE, roaches!!!!

And these are no ordinary roaches...these suckers are the biggest I have ever seen. They mostly hang out on the deck near the pool. I guess they are in search for water.

The other day, we were minding our own business about to go swimming when something caught my eye near the pool.

I looked up and saw......

(but first, let me throw in a cute picture of Lilah)

this GIANT cockroach!!!

Can you believe how big these guys are???

He got in the pool before I could catch him.

McGwire was able to swat him for me and here he is...dead as a doornail!

Why in heavens name would anyone make a roach pool float???

And before you can ask youself "who in the world would BUY a roach pool float" , let it be known that it was given to Tim from some guy at work.



kayla said...

Haaaaahhaaa, you are so funny...I was all prepared to see this huge roach!! Glad it's just a plastic one...wish I could say the same for our ants...we are truly being invaded...ARGH!

Nancy Booth said...

I wouldn't have even brought that thing home, Tim. The floatie people have but little to do. I wouldn't even be brave enough to bite a hole in that one like Lilah did her floatie. McG is a brave boy. Thanks for killing it, man.

Bev said...

ha ha that was good!! i was expecting to see a real one too and Tim even told me about this one and of course i forgot!!
How many bathing suits does little Lilah own???