Thursday, June 24, 2010

Presenting the Flag

A few guys from the scout troop presented the flag at the Gwinnett Braves game this week.

They're a good looking troop, don't you think?

Here's the gang with "Chopper" the mascot. "Chopper" is a chipmonk. What a chipmonk has to do with the Braves is beyond me.

Ready to go onto the field.

Looking sharp presenting the colors to all 10 people who were in attendance that night.

You can tell McG is paying very close attention in this picture.

He's really getting to do alot with scouts. He had a merit badge class last night at Bass Pro Shops with a few guys from the troop. He earned his gun shooting merit badge (or whatever the real name of it is) and his fishing merit badge. He'll be an eagle scout before we know it!


kayla said...

Cool beans!! Lookin sharp there McG! I know that eagle is in your future!

Bev said...

They are sure doing alot this summer. Looking great. Just think-- When Lilah is a girlscout you will be able to go camping and hiking and all that fun stuff!!

Nancy Booth said...

I'm a proud scout grandmother. Good photos.