Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday pics

It's that time of week again....
Sunday pics aren't as fun when Lilah is not wearing a new dress. I need to keep that in mind for future posts! haha She insisted on this dress for some reason. I HATE that she is beginning to want to have a say in what she wears now. I am going to have to nip that in the bud!

Poor Mac looks like he has a HUGE NOGGIN in this picture!

I am hating the turkey neck that I have been sporting since losing a little weight. There's something to be said for a double chin. It looked a lot better than this loosey goosey thing I've got going on these days.

And I have also noticed that my new necklace shines up on my neck and makes it look even more strange. What the...?? And I promise I'm not 12 inches taller than Tim. Don't ya love how I focus everything on me?? I act like Tim's not even in the picture! haha

Lilah sure was in a kissy mood yesterday.

So sweet.

See you next week for another edition of.....
Sunday Pics!


Nancy said...

I just LOVE the Sunday pictures. You look so good that everything ought to be about you except I think your neck looks great. Tim is getting a little neck and wasn't Lilah in a good mood? Great pictures of the whole family. Ya'll all look so good. I need some framing pictures.

jill said...

I love these Sunday pictures. I wish I had started something so creative a long time ago. :)
You are my inspiration.

kayla said...

My favorite Sunday Pics yet!!! You all look great...and you are hilarious!! When any woman is in a picture it's ALWAYS about them, ha ha! But seriously, you look GREAT and I hate you!