Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Pics

It's that time again!!!

We got up on time and had everyone fed and dressed and ready for a few pictures.
A true Sunday miracle!

My 2 handsome princes.

Luckily, Lilah has no trouble smiling at the camera anymore!

She was able to get through the entire Sacrament meeting this week... mostly because I was on the end of the pew and didn't take her out when Tim was giving me the evil eye and mouthing the words "take her out" with a not- so- nice look on his face!!!

Soooo innocent!

See you next week!


Nancy said...

love em, love em, love em....and I love the people in them.

Nancy Booth said...

Don't even ask me why bishopln235 is on here 'cause I don't know.