Monday, June 7, 2010

Sugar Cookie Success

I got a wild hair recently and decided that, at age (almost) 42, it was time for me to learn how to make sugar cookies. I love my mom more than anything, but she never taught me this little life lesson (although she is quick to remind me that her mom never taught her how to make sugar cookies either). She was busy teaching me about things like Christ, righteousness, moral cleanliness, kindness, generosity and how to stay away from drugs and know, silly things like that. I was on my own when it came to cooking and baking! haha

Anywho, I started reading web sites and watching cookie tutorials on you tube and decided to give it a try. I called Bev (my mother in law) who's mom apparently did teach her how to make sugar cookies and got some well needed tips and advice.

I am excited to say that everything turned out nicely. It took me a few times to get the "flouring" right but once I did, it was smooth sailing from then on. My OCD went into overdrive due to the cookie making mess that was produced and at times I found it hard to breathe but I perservered and am all too pleased at my accomplishment.

I forgot to take a picture of all of the raw ingredients before mixing it all up but if you look very closely on the counter you can see a tiny bit of flour that escaped the mixing process. This, of course got wiped up immediately!

Here's the cookie dough chilling in the fridge.

Here's the cookie dough chilling in the fridge after I realized I was supposed to divide it and roll it into 2 balls.

Sugar cookie making is not for the faint of heart. This was about the time that I was hyperventilating due to flour being ALL.OVER.MY.KITCHEN.

All cut up and ready for the oven. Aren't they just the cutest little things???

I even mixed up color in the frosting!! Go me!!!

Here they are all cooled off and ready to be frosted.

Here's my little helper icing mommy's creations.

Let's stop for a moment to admire Mac's handiwork.

Lilah is patiently waiting for a sample!

McG wanted me to take this picture of him making rabbit ears on a rabbit! haha
Oh the irony!!

I am soooo excited about my new talent (yes, I am calling it a talent... I need all the talents I can get) and I do realize that I am probably the last person in the free world over the age of 12 just now learning how to cut out sugar cookies, but please!!!...let me have my moment!! haha


Bev said...

Well your cookies look great. BTW my mother NEVER taught me either. I started with choc. chips at 16 which we learned quite a bit in school. then my mother in law (LILAH BIRD) taught me. I was 26. She gave me that cookbook and there was no stopping me. i forgot to tell you that i don't use the cream of tarter in the recipe. i use a pinch of baking soda and powder. I NEVER put the whole amount of soda in a recipe. just a pinch. i don't like it when you can taste it. i really don't know why it's even called for because as far as i can see it doesn't do anything. another thing i have flour from one end of the kitchen to the other!! keep up the good work. Gingerbread men are next!!

Bev said...

another thing you will have to conquer is "Nancy B's" chocolate chips then you could really be rich!!

Nancy Booth said...

Well, I am just too impressed! You and McG did a great job. You are not the only person over a certain age that doesn't know how to make sugar cookies. I still don't know how and I'm 66. Why should I learn when my daughter is so good at it. I loved the pictures (looks like Easter cookies) and especially the comments on each of them. You are so funny. Bev must be talking about my chocolate chips. They're the only ones I know how to make.

LsuFan said...

Yummy Yummy Yummy lookin Kelly but SOOO not on my sugar free diet ugh but WAIT if that is my mom's sugar cookie receipe YOU have to email me it my diet will be over by Christmas LOL

Bev said...

I hate to burst your bubble about Nancy B's Cookies but Kelly can tell you about them. It's a little whole in the wall bakery by us.

jill said...

Oh, those do look good. I would call that talent, for sure! Good job! can say that you've made strawberry jelly and sugar cookies at least once in your lifetime. :)

kayla said...

WAY AWESOME! I love sugar cookies...especially the icing!
Hopefully mine will turn out just as good!