Saturday, June 5, 2010

Liv's Bday 2010

Lilah's BFF Oliva had her 3rd birthday party today. The kids had a great time playing at the park and had cupcakes and juice. I wanted some of that icing so badly but I restrained myself. Unfortunately I am STILL regretting not licking one of the cupcakes.
Let me show off Tim's handywork. Lilah was out of the gift tags that he made 2 years ago and so he whipped this little cutie up for me last night. ILOOOOOOOOVE it. Is it not the cutest thing? I swear he needs to go into business, but for now, I am the lucky one.

I took this picture after the party. She had sooo much fun running around like a mad woman. Jill was smart to have the party at the park. No clean up and her house stayed nice and tidy! haha

Here's LulaBelle on her way to Oliviapalooza 2010.

Here's Lulu on her way to Liv's party 2009

And here she is on the way to Liv's party 2008.

They grow up so fast!!! :(


Nancy said...

I just love the first, second and third b'day pictures (ready to go PARTA). I'm sure Lilah had a great time running crazily around the park. Tim is so talented. Why don't he go into the business with cards? You could quit work, girl. I just wish my presents were wrapped that neatly and a pretty card on it. Wait a minute, what gifts do I send?

LsuFan said...

Awww sooo cute I love how you included all the other years pictures!! She is growing up WAY to fast for Auntie Heather

kayla said...

Ah, this is so sweet! She IS growing up too fast...good grief!
Love the wrapping paper...and Tim is awesome!

jill said...

I didn't even get to see the card! I am glad you took a photo of it - it is way too cute. Good work, Timmy!
Your gifts always look perfect - unlike mine...and most of the world's. We just can't hold a candle to you. ;)
I also love the birthday over the years photos. Again, I wish I had started something like that sooner. I am glad you have them, so we can keep comparing as these girls grow.