Thursday, October 16, 2008

family yearbook

Why I didn't date Tim in the 80's

Why tim didn't date me in the 70's

Why McGwire was born in the 90's

Why poor Lilah wasn't born in the 50's


kayla said...

So, I'm rolling on the floor again!! This is HUHLARIOUS! WIth the emphasis on "HUH"!
I love Lilah's...holy cow that is funny! But, you all look great...give poor old Tim a chance...he's rockin the 80's!

jill said...

I am laughing, too! That is too cute. I need to copy that! Ha ha!

What a very handsome family you have!

Nancy Booth said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Where in the world did ya'll come up with this. I know Tim did these pictures. I am dying laughing. You are the best looking one of the bunch, Kelly. My poor grandchildren. I'm glad they weren't born in the 50ties. This is too funny.