Thursday, October 9, 2008

Playing Hookie

Poor McGwire got up this AM at 0300 with a sore throat and stuffy nose so I let him stay home from school. All signs and symptoms of illness all but disappeared as soon as the school bell rang!

Here's a picture of the patient.

Boy, you'd better act sick!

No! Like deathly sick!!

That's more like it!!!

Here's what we did all day.

We watched a lot of this:

Wrote a little note to you-know-who.

Ate a little of this:

And not much else!

On a side note, here is Lilah's new shoes. Aren't they neato? If she loses these, I totally give up!!!

Oh is that my new birthday ring? How did that picture get in there?? haha Mom wanted to see a pic of it. (Kayla, I hate to be a copy cat but I just had to have this ring. Post a picture of yours. I forgot what it looked like).


kayla said...

Love Lilah's shoes! And I LOVE your ring...I actually got the round one...but, I like the square one, I might be re-copying you! Ha ha. Do you guys have The Brady Bunch on DVD?

gayleen said...

Give the boy a break; sometimes you just need to ditch school.
And I am so loving that ring. I want one!

Nancy Booth said...

I love the little shoes and the ring. I'm glad you let McG stay home from school. You did some of that. Like Gayleen said, you need that sometimes.