Saturday, October 11, 2008

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs!

Here's a video of Lilah "signing" milk. We have been using a few signs since she was just a couple of months old but she just really started doing it on her own this week.

On a different note. Here's another "sign". A SIGN that McGwire needs a spanking!!!

Yes that's GUM under the stair railing. Naughty boy!

One last sign. ..Tim put this one up about 2 weeks ago.

The day after, our neighbors across the street promptly put up their sign too.

Our poor sign keeps falling down. Theirs is still standing strong.

I wonder if that's a "sign"???


kayla said...

Lilah is so smart :0)
It is so great that you guys are teaching her to sign. She loves those cabinets!! You must keep some really great goodies in there!
I have a feeling that your sign falling down is a sign for the future...have you seen the polls lately?

jill said...

GUM??? Ya gotta hand it to that kid. He is very creative. :)
And, the signs in your yard . . . way to go! I sure hope they win.
Now, about Lilah's video . . . you took my idea! You didn't know I had the same idea, but you took it just the same. :)
I was going to post a video of Liv signing her signs . . . I just haven't gotten around to it, and here YOU go posting your own video. Now if I post mine, it is going to look like I copied you.

Well, for the record . . .
AHEM (clearing throat), I, Jill, gave Kelly the gumption to teach her daughter to sign in the first place. I, Jill, gave Kelly the confidence to do it. I, Jill, gave Kelly moral support in her trying days of complaing that her baby was . . . well, we don't really want to go into THAT. (lol)
Sheesh - and you think you can trust a person. :)

Anyway, cute video - I am with kayla on thinking that you must really keep some good snacks in those cupboards. I wonder what would happen if Liv and Lilah were to play in your kitchen together!! Now THAT would be a cool video! :)
So, I guess I am inviting myself over for a cupboard play date someday (I can bring some apple butter as payment!)