Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Well, when the Cat's away, the Mice will trick or treat until they get kicked off the doorsteps!

As Kelly is in North Carolina tonight I thought I would pick up her slack and post for her this evening.

McGwire's Trick or Treat Bag................Free (it helps to have a crafty Grandma)
McGwire's Serial Killer/Hockey Mask................ $3

Staying out trick or treating all night..................PRICELESS!

This is what's known as the HAUL!

Let me break it all down for you!


Laffy Taffy and Candy

We apparently ran into an old lady? I haven't seen a caramel in years!

We also ran into the gamble chews....Not quite sure the shelf life of these bad boys but it looks like they re-gifted them from last year.
It's like we're playing a game of Old Maid and we got stuck with the Queen of Spades
I'll be saving these to hand out next year.

Oh the classic substitutes. Props to those that still keep up the fight against dental work and opt for the anti cavity gifts.......fake teeth, spider rings, plastic cockroach, witch top and is that what I think it is?.....

Yep, it is.....An official Halloween Cat-Duck

Then there were the I forgot tonight's Halloween, you don't mind if i grab a couple handfuls of these after my lunch today so I can have something to hand out tonight do you?

They say the next one is a caramel? Looks like some tampering took place.....Straight to the garbage.

Apparently the Starbursts were the candy of the year!

McGwire got all embarrased when he found this one.....

The Best Halloween take yet!


kayla said...

Good job Tim!! McG did get a haul...Saige was robbed this year..I'd say she got 1/4 of that candy...poor Joel, we may have to go and pick up some 1/2 price candy at the store!
Great post!

kelly bird said...

hahahahahaha!! Tim you made me bust a gut! That is hilarious! I sure hate that I missed McG trick or treating!!! Make sure you save that chocolate for me!

Nancy Booth said...

Tim, you are a nut! I almost broke my stiches open on this. Ol' McG did get a haul now, didn't he? Hope he's not sick tonite. Heard he played a good game today too.

jill said...

That is a LOT of candy.
I can't believe you sorted it!!!
That has to be some kind of disorder, right?

John and Brieanne Dabney said...

You guys are hilarious! I literally laughed out loud at this one. Good job!