Monday, October 20, 2008

Feelin' Halloweenie

We were gonna go to a pumpkin patch this weekend but it was rainy and 1/2 of us were sick anyway (the half that's not me and McGwire) so we opted to go out to lunch in pumpkin shirts instead. Well, the kids wore pumpkin shirts but Tim and I actually looked like real pumpkins in our orange shirts (note to self: GO ON A FREAKIN' DIET ALREADY!!).

I really love Fall. Too bad I've never really lived anywhere that actually had Fall weather, but I love Fall anyway. I also love Fall decorations (side note: am I supposed to capitalize "Fall"? My Alabama education is showing!) Anywho...I love seeing everyone else's decorations but I hate moving around my normal decor to decorate my own house. Christmas decorations irritate me enough but Tim INSISTS on those every year. I did put out a few things though.

Tim's mom made this cute Halloween (again with the capitalization question) wall hanging.

Tim's mom also made this cute pumpkin table runner.

I filled up my jars with halloween candy. Apparantly no one like the poor candy corn but the M&M's went faster than cocaine at an "all you can sniff " party!!



Almost there...


We have our "trunk-or- treat" party at church next Saturday and then "trick-or-treat"ing on halloween so that will be exciting!!!


jill said...

Those candies look like PEANUT M&Ms!! Yum! I would have eaten those first, too.
The Halloween decor is awesome. Tell Tim's mom that your adopted sister wants a table runner as well! :) You can give it to me for Christmas - yes, that's right . . . a Halloween table runner for Christmas. I like to plan ahead. :)
I love the Halloweeen T-shirts. McG in that mask . . . yikes!

kayla said...

Don't ya just love dressing the kids up for Halloween? We have our ward party this weekend...I need to buy candy. I had to ban the pre-purchases for our's gone within a day!
Joel can afford to eat it...I CAN'T. So unfair.

Nancy Booth said...

I always hated dressing up the kids for Halloween. I'm sure you remember, Kelly. I love the stuff you have that Beverly made. Tell her you have a mother who knows nothing about decorations. We still have the 9/11 flag frame she gave us years ago. She is so talented. Love the kids shirts and McG's mask. A hockey goalie is scarry.