Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Pink Shoe

Dear Little Pink Shoe,

You looked so cute sitting up there in your package on the shelf at the consignment store. I took one look at you and knew you were destined to be worn by my little girl. You and your sweet partner matched so many of her little dresses and outfits so I knew I would be bringing you home that day. You were marked $12.99 but with my $10 off coupon you would cost me only a mere $2.99. That was your most attractive selling point... well, that and the fact that you were the only size 12-18 months that they had. I could hardly contain my excitment when I took you and your partner out of your package and placed you lovingly on Lilahs feet. She loved you both right away too. A match made in heaven. But, wasn't meant to be. You made it through lunch at Ida's Pizza. You made it through long car rides to Michaels and Hobby Lobby. You made it to our loving home, through a short play time and nap. But on that fateful 2nd trip to Hobby Lobby, just -like- that!!! were gone. Less than 8 hours after I brought you into our loving family you were quietly and quicky lost. I want you to know that we frantically searched all over that store several times. We did all we could but it looks like you have been taken from us forever. We enjoyed you while you were with us.

Until we meet again,

Your family


jill said...


kayla said...

Poor little could her Mom be so careless? You know those shoes are MADE to stay on no matter what the situation!! Auntie Kayla might need to replace those shoes!!

LsuFan said...

Awww poor lost shoe!! Auntie Heather is off to start looking now too :(

Nancy Booth said...

I am dying here. You are sooo funny. I have to admit I'm almost in tears too. This is a sad story. I sure hope you find that little pink shoe. I just know you will. I have faith.

Jensen Fam said...

No way! Abby lost the most adorable white sandal in there too! It fit perfectly, she left them on her feeet, they doubled as play shoes and church shoes, totally useful! We got to the checkout line and realized it was missing somewhere in Hobby Lobby. We retraced every step and still couldn't find it. I even called every day for a week to see if it turned up. No luck. Hobby Lobby's jinxed....but they have darn good deals and cute stuff. :) Or maybe it's that I spend way too much time in there and my kids try to get comfortable by kicking off their shoes after we've been there so long? :)