Monday, October 27, 2008 style!

We had trunk-or-treat at church Saturday nite. We went late because I burned the rolls and didn't want to go there to eat if I didn't bring anything. Yes, I BURNED the rolls!! HELLOOOOO!

Anywho, here a just a few pictures. I took a bunch of pictures on the new camera but Tim still has not taught me how to download those to the computer yet. I didn't get any shots of McG at church because I actually never saw him. He hit the ground running and hung out with his friends until he resurfaced during trunk-or-treat time. He scored lots of candy. Luckily he doesn't like chocolate too much and gave it all to me, so I scored too!

Here's the only picture that I took of McG on the old camera. He was a hockey player that had been in a fight.

Here's a rare sighting of Lilah smiling captured on film.

Olivia, Lilah and Brayden.

Kylee, Lilah and Olivia.

There were about 4 different people trying to take a picture of these girls. It was very hard to get them to sit still. I don't know if any of us got a good shot. You can't see Lilah's little striped tights in this picture but they were so cute.

P.S. Here are the same girls about 7-8 months ago. It was hard to get their picture then, too.


LsuFan said...

Oh my gosh!! Lilah is ABSOLUTLY adorable in her pumpkin fairy costume I love it!! And a smile to nonetheless!!! McG looks like he lost the fight!! Love his costume and what the heck he doesn't like chocolate? He must not be related to us Kelly!! hahaha

LsuFan said...

Oh yeah and go check my blog look what I did while I was bored tonight hahaha

Nancy Booth said...

Oh what adorable little babes. I thought Lilah hated her costume. She seems to love it now for sure. McG looks like he really lost his teeth. Bet he did have a ball that nite. Looks like Lilah did too.

jill said...

Kelly, your little girl is just so darn cute. How in the world did you get her to smile for the camera?? ;)

The BirdHouse said...

P.S. everybody....JIL was playing with Lilah and got her to smile for the camera. Thank you, JILL!!!!

kayla said...

Pumpkin Fairy...I LOVE IT! She is so cute and tell McG that he must have given a good fight in the hockey game! And by the way...where are you????? I'm going to start giving you a hard time now...ha ha