Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Break a leg

Don't be jealous, but we've had a beautiful orange ladder in our living room for about 2 weeks now. I had Tim move some pictures around to make room for my beautiful new clock that he got me for christmas.

Lilah loves it and hopes daddy never gets around to hanging the clock so that she can have her ladder to play on forever!!

Everyone knows, you can't climb a ladder if you don't have your purse!

Uh Oh!!!!

Isn't that seven years bad luck???

I'll post a picture of my beautiful clock as soon as it gets hung on the wall!!

Don't bother checking back often!


kayla said...

You are TOO funny!! You need to give Tim some incentive for getting it done!!!

jill said...

Lilah looks like she i shaving the time of her lofe! what a neat playground idea. :)
I also love her purse. She accessorizes so nicely. What does she have IN her purse I wonder...