Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Pictures

As you can tell by this picture, Lilah was VERY SICK yesterday with diarrhea and was not able to attend church. Tim ever so kindly volunteered to stay home with her since he was sick to his stomach as well.

You'll have to settle for me and McG's picture for the day!

Lilah was so upset when we went to leave. She ran in my room and grabbed her dress and started crying. She's soooo religious!


kayla said...

Ahh, poor sweet that she went and got her dress? Now that is dedication! Saige stayed home yesterday too, Kyle volunteered to stay home with her...but alas, he went to church...ha ha!

jill said...

I am giggling that she went to get her dress. How funny - she knows where she belongs on Sunday. I think there was a stomach bug going around on Saturday.

Hope she is feeling better!!