Friday, January 8, 2010

They cancelled school for this?!?!?!

Tim and McGwire fearlessly plowed their way through the storm of the century last night to watch the Thrashers play. Luckily, they made it there and back in one piece.
I have to makes for a beautiful picture!

McG was lucky enough to have a whimpy school board who closed down the schools for 1/8" of snow!!! He was up bright and early ready to play! I snapped a couple of pictures of snow without footprints before he went outside.

Lilah is not so sure about this white stuff.

Apparently there was a cat in the yard at some point this AM.

I was getting dressed and about to start breakfast when I suddenly realized that Lilah was nowhere in sight. I panicked a little and then figured out that she must be outside with McG.
I was right.

Poor thing was in her pajamas, clinging on for dear life to her blankie!

Here's a neat picture of McG throwing a snowball at me.

He's loving that school was cancelled. Me??? Not so much!

Making an snow angel!

The finished snow angel.

He was out playing hockey for about 2 hours straight refusing to come in and warm up. He was having a blast all by himself!

Lilah wanted to play too.

Here she is in the Alabama hoodie in honor of their championship game last night!!
Roll Tide!!!!!

I finally got McGwire to come in about an hour ago. I had drawn him a really warm bath so he could just step out of his wet, icy clothes and get right into a warm cozy bath. His skin was all red and blotchy from the cold.
Crazy boy!
He's already asking to go back out!


kayla said...

Wow, how fun! I don't even remember that it's winter right now! But, I can't say that I miss the snow that much, maybe in a year or two! It's awesome that the snow can keep McG occupied for that long...and Lilah is too cute in her jammies! Have fun...for your sake, I hope it melts soon...ha ha!

Bev said...

Tim used to be out at 4:30 am in the snow and would come in for breakfast and change snowsuits, then lunch and change snowsuits again and then dinner and change snowuits again!! He and his friends just loved the snow. Not to mention jumping off the willow tree into the creek with snow on the ground in their underwear!!
I'm glad McGwire is having a good time in it. And Lilah too.

Nancy Booth said...

Oh thank you for posting these. I was hoping you'd get enough for them to play in it and looks like they did. They look so happy, except Lilah in that one picture that looked like electricity going thru her hair. hahahaha. These are great!