Friday, January 15, 2010

Dinner with an Osmond

....or with an Osmonds son's wife. But still!!!!!

Tims "adopted" sister married the oldest Osmond's son. She and her husband own a furniture and design store in Utah and she came to Atlanta on a purchasing trip last week and so we met up at a sushi bar for dinner.

I was a nervous wreck because she has to be one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen and one of the most wealthy and I don't do good around gorgeous AND wealthy! Give me gorgeous OR wealthy but I can't handle both!! hahahaha

But she ended up being so nice and down to earth and gave me tons of inside "Osmond" scoop, which was really cool.
We took our camera but didn't get any pictures of her (sorry Bev) but we did get a few of us before we left the house.

The happy couple:

Me showing Brannon how to take a picture that doesn't show your double chin:

This picture cracks me up. He totally made this face and made me take the picture!

This is such a good picture of Brannon. He should frame it!

Sorry that I wasn't able to include an Osmond in this picture display, but she'll be back next year and I'll be sure to get a shot of her then. Maybe she'll gain some weight and have a really bad hair day the next time we see her. One can only hope! haha


Nancy Booth said...

brannons de man!

kayla said...

No pics of the Osmonds??? Come on!!! You will have to tell me more about that night! You all look great!