Saturday, January 9, 2010

more snow pics and videos

Here's a few more pictures that Tim took of the kids yesterday afternoon. McGwire was STILL out playing hockey but Tim talked him into pushing Lilah on the toboggan for a little while. She had a blast and McG was such a good sport!


Bev said...

Sure looked like they were having a great time. they look so cute.

Bev said...

I think Lilah needs a shorter hockey stick and some mittens and a zipper for that jacket!!!

Nancy Booth said...

How precious they are. McG is a good sport. I know they had a blast. Is that pappy frozen to her lips? Wish I had been there.

kayla said...

The video's are so great...I love it when Lilah brushes off her paci!! That is too cute....They are so cute together. Snow is so fun when you're a kid...too bad it never is the same later in life!!

jill said...

Oh, my godness!! What a cute post!
First...why didn't my driveway freeze like that??
Second - that hockey shot looks like a professional sports shot.
Third - I agree that Lilah needs a zipper on her coat, but I do love how her outfit corrdinates so well. :)
Fourth - WHY do you have a sled/tobogan deal in GEORGIA?
Fifth - I am coming to your house next time we have snow
Sixth - She looks like she was having the time of her life! She has such a cute laugh. Those videos are awesome! I love the whole "clean the paci" brush! She is just like her Mama! Clean, clean, clean. lol

Way to go McGwire! You are a great big brother.