Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Storm of 2010

It started snowing this afternoon~ very lightly~ so I wanted to take a few pictures since Mac was so excited. Our pool has been iced over for a week or so and Mac has been cutting chunks of it out and having a ball throwing ice all over the deck!
He wanted to show how thick it is.

Lilah wanted to be out where the action was!

Loving the ice!

Me and Lilah braved the elements with no shoes on!

There is a small sheet of snow on the ground right now (about 9pm) but I would be surprised if we get any more than that. PoorMcG is gonna be soooo disappointed that he has to go to school tomorrow!


kayla said...

Oh my goodness....snow is GA! Fun, fun, fun! Just keep those schools open, right Kelly? ha ha.
And are you guys crazy?? Barefoot...whew, my feet are freezing just thinking about it!

Sarah said...

Girl...they closed Paulding 2+ hours ago. What a joke! I guess it MIGHT be a little icy, but come-on! Some of us have things to do without the kids tomorrow!!

Nancy Booth said...

Where is the child welfare when you need them to look in on your grandchildren stuck out with no shoes on? Did you get more snow? I don't know whether to go to work or not. It's suppose to snow again today. Good luck McG.

Bev said...

Something is wrong with this picture the last blog Lilah is inside with a nice warm hat on and this one she is outside in the freezing cold with no jacket, hat OR shoes!!!

Tell McGwire i didn't get a snow day either we only had 3" and more is falling now.