Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Pictures

My Two babies all ready to go to church!

I can't believe McG will be 11 in about a week!

Here he is getting ready for church!!! yeah, right!


Hey, if you're gonna be good at church today!!

BTW, she was a holy terror during Sacrament meeting. She lasted through the bread and water but not much longer after that!!


Nancy Booth said...

i see all the posts but i have a hard time on these little computers. my heart just breaks with lilah crying to go to church holding her little dress.mcg is so handsome in all his pics and of course lilah and those of you are beautiful. you look great. tim is handsome too. the ladder is harlarious. i love your posts blogs too kayla and i talk about that too, you are so funny. keep them up ya hear? love you and family.

kayla said...

Can you say the best dressed kids in GA? They are so stinking cute...I love Lilah's dress and CANNOT wait to buy cute ties like McGwire's...I just love the gap in Lilah's teeth...Saige has that too and I just think it is the cutest thing! I love her grin!