Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Our family theme this year is:
"Starting again in 2010".
So far, we are failing miserably.
We are a full week in and we haven't "started" anything again yet!!
We were supposed to have a family meeting this week to discuss everything but no meeting in sight yet! haha I have to work this weekend and we have had a very busy week with no end in sight but hopefully we can get it together real soon!!
Here's a picture of Lilah wearing her hat during lunch. Brannon always wears hats in the house and I found Lilah wearing hers the other days as well. It was the first picture I took in 2010.

One thing that I want to "start again" is being better at blogging. We'll see how well I do at that this year.


Nancy Booth said...

How cute with her little hat. What do you mean 2120? I'm not getting it. Tell Brannon he better be a good example for those little kids.

kayla said...

Loving that hat!! I love hats, I should wear them more! I love your new motto too...we are doing the same thing and so far we've been doing okay...hope it lasts! Good luck to you guys!