Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday pics

We had stake congerence today and, bless our hearts, we decided to go as a family. I was actually entertaining the thought of me and Tim drawing straws to see which one of us would stay home with Lula Belle but instead, we decided to "go forth with faith". We sat in between 2 families with children her age so she was entertained....for a while! She lasted about an hour an 15mins before I took her to the car. Actually, we got there about 30 mins early so she actually lasted an hour and 45mins.
Wow!!! Miracles really do still happen!

McGwire did well too. He drew pictures and snacked on Lilah's snacks. Just don't ask him about what the talks were about! Actually, don't ask me what the talks were about either. I was wrestling a 2 year old the whole time.


Katherine said...

you guys are so cute! I am proud you made it...I slacked and I don't have any kids!

Nancy Booth said...

And she looks so inocent. I love the Sunday pictures. You all always look so great. Thanks for posting you and Tim too this time. Good looking family.

kayla said...

Beautiful family! Funny sister-in-law! Love you guys!