Monday, January 11, 2010

Food Storage Shelves are a Girl's Best Friend??

Most woman get diamonds, pearls or other jewels, furs and expensive french perfume and such for christmas. Me?? I get food storage shelves!?!

I am joking of course. Tim showered me with all sorts of lovely things for christmas and as far as the shelf was exactly what I needed. I just like to joke about it.

We put it in our hall closet under the stairs so I can't get a real good picture of what it looks like but it's really cool. It holds up to six hundred cans but what's really crazy is that we really need another one or two more to hold all of our food storage.

Maybe next year...I can only hope!! haha

Now, let me show off my neat little storage jars. I have those stupid shelves in my kitchen that I could never really come up with an idea for so, recently,I thought of putting big storage jars on each shelf. I got the jars at w*almart and got my vinyl lady to whip me up some nifty labels. I am still not 100% satisfied with the lay out of everything but I love the jars. I actually have 4 (you can't see the top shelf)~ one for cocoa, oatmeal, grits and snacks.

Here's a close up! So cute!

It still bugs me to look at the shelves. Something is missing and I can't figure it out.
Kayla, you need to get your butt down here and help me with some decoratin'!!!


Bev said...

How about a quilted mat underneath? I can make a round one or square.

I see the grits are next to the Mayberry cookbook!!

Looks nice

kayla said...

I love those jars!! What a good idea to put the lettering on them...I think they look great! I may steal the idea...ha ha! And holy cow...that shelf for food storage rocks! You all put us to shame...I need to start building ours up, but I think it will take years before we get even close to you!

jill said...

I Love the storage shelf! How did Tim fit that under the Christmas tree?? I am jealous!